Thursday, December 24, 2015

Our Christmas Traditions

Christmas is one of the best times of the year. I want to talk about traditions, again. Some families open one gift on Christmas Eve; others have the same meal each Christmas. My family doesn’t have many traditions, but the ones we do have are pretty special.
I do want to preface by saying our traditions have changed over the years. When my grandmother passed away we lost the glue that really held our family together. We no longer come together as one great family, but rather spend the holidays with our own part of the family. Sometimes we’ll see others in the family, but not nearly as much as we used to. And when my dad passed away we lost a few more traditions, especially my favorite one.

One of the clearest memories of my childhood that I have is that every year, without fail, my dad would pretend to be asleep and refuse to get up on Christmas morning. My mom would make us wait to open presents until everyone, including my dad, was up and in the living room. And just to be difficult, my dad wouldn’t budge.

We would jump all over him, tickle him, kiss him, my nephew even punched him a few times, but nothing worked. He would make us keep trying for at least 20 minutes before he finally got up. We moaned and groaned, and pretended to hate it but it was secretly my favorite part about Christmas. I was a huge Daddy’s Girl.

We also have Christmas dinner every year. The meal doesn’t stay constant, and the location has changed many times, but we always have dinner as a family on Christmas. This year my sister and I are hosting, like we did Thanksgiving. It’s easier because we’ve got a big enough house and our other sisters are in the process of moving, and we decided it was smarter to have us host again. 

Since I live with my sister, and her kids, Christmas Eve is spent wrapping anything still not wrapped and putting the gifts under the tree. The kids spend the night at their fathers house so they can watch their younger brother open his presents, and they come home for dinner and presents with us. On Christmas Day we always see our sisters and mother, and sometimes we see cousins as well. We used to make a huge family get together, but honestly I like our smaller, quieter, events we have now.

Christmas is a fun, but also stressful*, time of year. I love spending the time with my family. The one thing I can count on is seeing my family for the holidays. We may not do much, but what we do is special.

Does your family have special traditions for Christmas, or the other holidays? Let me know in the comments below!

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