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Reviewing: Snervous: A Documentary

So apparently I've decided Saturday is a good day to review, especially Tyler Oakley. Go figure.

I was planning to go to the midnight showing of this when it opened on December 11th, with Bug. Yes, I was going to bring a 13 year old to a midnight showing on a school night. I'm the cool aunt. *insert sunglasses emoji* Unfortunately for me, none of my local theaters were playing it. Not even the bigger theaters in New London. What. The. Hell. So, I went with the next best thing. As soon as I realized I wasn't going to be able to watch it in theaters I pre-ordered it on iTunes. I guess it's just as well, because I probably would have bought the movie anyway.

So, without further ado, here is my review of Tyler Oakley's debut documentary: SNERVOUS.

The promo leading up to this has been pretty incredible. When he first announced the movie in September I was excited. Movies are fun, and a documentary of one of my favorite people that I don't actually know is bound to be good. When he posted the trailer on November 6th, I went straight to his YouTube to watch it. I wasn't disappointed.

Like I said above, I had originally planned to watch it in theaters, hoping to go to the midnight showing. I didn't think it wouldn't be shown, because he had said it was going to be a theatrical release. Last week, on Thursday, I was looking at the showings at my local theater for Friday December 11 and it wasn't there. I was a bit annoyed, but if I'm going to pay $10 for a movie ticket (actually $20 because I was bringing my niece) then I can surely pay $10 (which turned out to be $5 because I had a gift card on my account) for the movie. And really, buying the movie is better than watching it in the theater because you can re-watch it whenever you want for free. Who doesn't love free?

I downloaded the movie the day it came out, but between work and appointments I haven't had really any time to myself. I finally was able to watch the movie on Thursday. Here's what I thought.

The movie opens with Tyler being filmed by someone (I can tell it's his best friend Korey Kuhl because of his voice) at the airport. He's about to take a 12-hour flight to the first stop of his Slumber Party Tour. Then it jumps into a montage of some of the openings to his YouTube videos and short clips from news casts, his Ellen appearance and fans. Then a simple title page with a black background and white text and it goes to 24 hours before leaving for tour.

It's a documentary, so there are clips of him doing things with Korey or packing (also with Korey) and then interview style clips interspersed throughout. He talks about how he is preparing for tour, a little about what the tour is, and where he's heading to.

For the first stop, Dublin, they show a lot of behind the scenes and the process of setting up the tour and they show more of the show itself. They don't go into as much detail for every stop, they actually just show his vines for most of them (the quick videos saying where he is and scanning the crowd.)

He has several encounters with fans that make him uncomfortable. He has two follow him back to his hotel after the Dublin show. He explains a bit why it makes him uncomfortable but doesn't go into much detail until later in the movie.

Skipping ahead, past several stops, he shows a visit with his family back in Michigan where he's from. He has dinner with his siblings, mother and step-father. He has a get-together with his old choir teacher, and then lunch with his father.

During the lunch with his father he talks about how his father acted when he first came out as gay, and how they overcame the problems. He talks about what he wrote in his book (which I review here) and his dad expresses concern with the content. Tyler assures him he explains that they've overcome the problems they had. He says he wanted to write about it because he gets messages from fans that have had it so much worse, like being kicked out, that he wants to share his experience and how he overcame it.

He shows a little behind the scenes of the promo he made for his book, Binge, and the release of said promo at VidCon, a YouTube convention. He also shows his meet-and-greet at VidCon, which was two hours long, and the little hiccup at the end. There was a little confusion about if he was finished, no one was there to tell him he was set, and he got flustered.

He goes back to his hotel where he discusses how he felt. He explains that he had "hours and hours that were great" and then "like a minute that was frantic" and how he was annoyed that he felt annoyed. He talks about how he needs to feel in control of the situation, especially when meeting fans. In his book he details a few experiences he had with fans that got out of control. He says he likes tour, because
he is in control and can manage it completely. (Side note, following a celebrity back to their hotel is obnoxious. People need to stop doing this).

He has a little scene where he talks about Korey, and how he feels about him. He talks about how close they are and how he would rather have Korey than YouTube. They aren't dating, and he could never see them dating, but Korey is his best friend. He knew he would need help with his YouTube, once he got a big following. He talks about how Korey was the first (and only) person he thought to ask for help. He gets emotional, and starts tearing up. I think it's sweet, I love the friendship between Tyler and Korey.

It goes on to show more of the tour, and some more behind the scenes of the action. The movie is mainly about following him on tour. At the end, he talks about what he sees himself doing in five to ten years. He says he never imagined he would be where he is a year ago, and can't imagine what he'll be doing in five years. He did say he will keep making YouTube videos until it stops being exciting.

Overall, I feel like the film was a great way to get another inside look at Tyler's life. He has become so successful over the last few years. Sometimes people forget to look at him as a person, and they think of him as just a celebrity. I feel like this documentary, and his book, do a great job of bringing him back down to our level. We get to see him deal with a lot of different things and I personally think it is a great way to show people how crazy it can be to be "famous."

I loved this movie. Normally, when I watch a movie I'm checking the time, or how much time is left on the movie, constantly. I only checked once to see how much time was left, and there were only 5 minutes left. I was actually a bit sad that there wasn't more. This is definitely a movie I will watch again.

Also, DO NOT close the movie when the credits come up! In typical Tyler fashion, there is another clip at the very end ;)

I hope you enjoyed my review of Snervous. Have you seen the film? Do you want to see the film? Do you love Tyler as much as I do? Let me know in the comments below!

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