Saturday, December 26, 2015

What I Got (and gave) For Christmas

Christmas was yesterday and I wanted to share what I got, and gave, for presents. I was only expecting something from my sisters and mom, but I got a few things from work as well. I bought things for my niece, Bug, nephew, Mishka, sisters Amanda, Brenda, and Christy, and my mom.
I'm going to do a list, with pictures, and say what I got for people and what they got for me.

What I got for her: Penguin mug, nose rings, and a live laugh love wall decal (her fave saying. Seriously, it's all over the house...)

What she got for me: A deck of playing cards......and she gave me a karaoke machine she got for free a week before Christmas...

What I got for her: A butterfly necklace/earrings set, two butterfly candle holders with candles, and a body wash from Bath & Body Works (I got one too and I LOVE it)

What she got for me: She spoiled me this year! I got a Jack Skellington car decal and car freshener (I don't have a car but oh well), two Nightmare Before Christmas magnets, a Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer, a cup with the red M&M, a monkey shaped frying pan with pancake mix, and a monkey bracelet.

What I got for her: a tranquility fountain and an ornament with her first initial on it.

What she got for me: She spoiled me too! I got three work shirts and a pair of capri's I can wear to work (did today actually 😏), regular hand sanitizer, a Bath & Body Works candle, a giant 30 piece Sharpie set 😍 and an elephant bracelet.

What I got for her: Owl earrings (which she doesn't have yet as they're still in the mail) and owl mini ornaments

What she got for me: a sock monkey mug with hot cocoa mix and a bath set that I picked out. She says she has something else on the way too.

What I got for her: a makeup set, a necklace that says "niece" and batman fake gauges. She LOVES batman.

What I got for him: A wrestling DVD which hasn't come in yet, from the show we went to together in November, the original Mortal Kombat (he loves it) and a marvel puzzle that I'm going to put together for him.

From coworkers:
Fellow switchboard operator: A little bag with Ghirardelli squares and a Russel Stover 4-piece chocolate box.

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My Manager: A basket with homemade cookies and candies, two candles, a giant hat, awesome black fuzzy socks (which I've been wanting to get anyway), two handmade birthday cards (empty), and a little sack with chocolate dipped spoons and pretzels.

And from the nail salon I got my toes done at: An olive oil lotion and $5 off my next pedicure.

What did you get (and give) for Christmas this year? Let me know in the comments below :)

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