Monday, January 11, 2016

31 Days of No Spending Challenge | Day 11 Update

Whoa, it's been 11 days already? I can't believe it! Here's how I've been doing so far.

So, I started this month ready to save. I was hoping I would be able to buy cat food before the month started, and I was going to not spend any extra money. You can check out my original post here.

I've succeeded for the most part. Like the family I got the original idea from, I am only restricting my income from my job. That means that the surprise $2.20 I got for selling a t-shirt on my Society6 page was fair game. I also want to clarify that if I sell anything on Craigslist or Facebook that money is also fair game, and any Wal Mart Savings Catcher money is too.

I was able to get some cat food for Lucy, but not as much as I had planned. I've done the math, and it's actually cheaper to buy the 4-packs for $1.44 instead of a 12 pack or bigger. I picked up 3 packs, so I am definitely going to need more. That's a bummer, but I had already planned it into my savings. Also, when I went to the store Saturday to buy more food for Lucy, they didn't have any of the cheaper kind. Or, they didn't have anything other than the pate and she won't eat that kind. So I had to buy the next one up at $1.58. Not a huge difference, but still annoying.

I cheated a little, I bought batteries. My mom is letting me borrow her camera, which is awesome, but it requires regular AA batteries. Since none of my other electronics require AA batteries I didn't have any. I thought about waiting until February, but I really didn't want to. I also thought about buying them with my savings catcher money, so it wouldn't technically be cheating, but they are way too damn expensive at Wal Mart. So instead I bought two 4-packs for $1.99 at Five Bel°w. 

I cheated at McDonald's for breakfast/lunch on Saturday 1/2 also. I got two egg and cheese biscuits for breakfast and two for lunch. We hadn't gone grocery shopping so I had no real choice unless I wanted to starve. I didn't want to starve. And on that note, I had to stop for something to eat on Saturday because I hadn't eaten all day and was driving. I didn't feel safe driving because I was getting dizzy and lightheaded. I've had this happen many times, and I knew it was because my blood sugar was low. So I stopped and got something to eat.

I also let my sister use some of my savings for dinner one night because she didn't have the money, but she's paying me back. I count it as a cheat, but I'll still be able to save it when she pays me back Wednesday. She is also paying me back for some stuff from the Dollar Store and Wal Mart. It's annoying, but at least I know I'm not really the one spending it, she is, and I'll get it back.

I said when I first thought of the idea that any extra gas was not going to count as cheating. I can't expect to use my sisters' cars and not put gas in. I had a doctor appointment Thursday so I put $5 in my sisters tank. I'm putting in another $10 today because she's letting me take her car to another appointment (you'll be reading about this one tomorrow) and to a job interview. I don't want to give too many details away about where I live, but suffice it to say the job interview is in a town about 25 minutes away. Side note, the good news is that if I get this job I can carpool with Amanda because she works there too. 

I thought long and hard about one other cheat I was really considering. Helene at Helene In Between has been offering this amazing deal for a course she has up called The Blog Detox for only $67. It's at least an $800 course, easily. But I decided against it. Between trying to save money, and not being sure how far these savings will really go if I can't find a second job (which I'm interviewing for one today! Gah!) I don't feel comfortable spending $70 on something I'm not sure I'll need just yet. So, I opted to stay the course and keep saving.

Honestly, it's been hard. I keep thinking "Oh, I need this" or whatever and then I remember I'm on a spending freeze. But, the day before I started I got a paycheck, and then this Friday I got one too. And they were over time checks. Here's how it breaks down:

Check 1: $268.76
Check 2: $209.76
Best Rents: $60 both weeks totaling $120
Rent + Gas (which is paid to my sisters car company): $65.08 both weeks totaling $130.16
Ipsy: $10
Apple Music: $10.09
Cheated at Five Bel°w: $4.23
Cheated at McDonald's: $7.61
Spent on dinner: $37
Extra Gas: $5
Random Purchase (not sure why this is on here...): $5.78
KFC: $4.45
Dollar Store: $14.38
Wal Mart: $18.88

Total Deposits: $478.52
Total Expenses: $367.58
Total Saved: $78.99

I'm not counting any purchases made before the 1st because I didn't officially start until then. And since technically my paycheck was deposited on the 31st, not the 1st, I made a few purchases Thursday. Not a lot, but I still wanted to clarify. That's probably why the math doesn't add up perfectly.

Check back next Thursday for my Day 21 update! And anyone following along leave me your progress in the comments below. And anyone new let me know if you plan on doing your own No Spend Challenge :)

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