Thursday, January 21, 2016

31 Days of No Spending Challenge | Day 21

Day 21, already? Geez. Check out my original post here, and my day 11 update here.

So I've been saving for 21 days now. But quite a bit has happened this month. Last time I had $78.99 saved. Then I had my first appointment with the nutritionist and had to pay $55 for that. Ugh.

I also spent $17.50 over the course of a few days at the vending machine. No wonder I'm gaining weight. Christ.

Technically I spent money on food, but it was actually me paying with my card but it was my rent money. So instead of me taking money out of the bank and giving it to my sister, I paid for food. Not a cheat, because I was supposed to pay that anyway. I wanted to mention it for two reasons; even though this is a money saving challenge, I'm realizing we eat out WAY too much. Also, I want to show myself why those charges are on my bank statement so I don't get confused.

So other than my stupid vending machine purchases (I really should forget that stupid thing accepts my debit card...) I didn't spend extra money. But I did spend the $55 on the doctor, $50 for rent and $60 for my rental agreement. I currently have a total saving of: $3.97. This Friday my check will be bigger, and I will save that, but this month definitely got way off track. I also need to remember to bug Amanda about the money she owes me from the last check in.

Check 1: $268.76
Check 2: $209.76
Check 3: $143.88
Current savings: $3.97.

Check back in ten days for my third update. And go ahead and tell me how stupid I am in the comments, I deserve it.

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  1. Ahh, I guess sometimes we just have to spend! Try not to be too hard on yourself :)

    Corinne x