Tuesday, January 5, 2016

How I run my blog

Confession time! I don’t have wifi at home. In fact, I haven’t for about a month or so now. I know what you must be thinking “say what?? How are you posting/managing your blog without wifi?” I’ll tell you.

The biggest reason I’ve been able to keep my blog going with no wifi at home is the fact that I can use my down time at work to work on my blog. So, while my co-workers are shopping or watching movies, I’m blogging. It’s been working for me, so far.

I have a lot of down time on my weekends, because I’m on the switchboard. I answer the phone, ask who they want to talk to, and transfer them. Most calls last like 30 seconds. And I have enough down time on my extra days during the week that I have been able to keep up with my blog.

I’ll be honest; I’ve bought day passes to Xfinity too. That sucks though, because it’s either $2.95 an hour, $7.95 a day, $19.95 a week, or $54.95 a month. What. The. Hell. I could probably get cheaper wifi somewhere else. And did I mention that you can only hook one computer up with those passes? Yeah, it’s pretty shitty.

But another reason my blog has stayed alive is because I schedule all of my posts well in advance. (Remember my goals for the New Year post?) In fact, I plan to post this in January, but I’m writing it before my blog even hits its one-month anniversary. The only posts I don’t write days/weeks/months in advance are my weekly weigh ins, which I can’t complete until I actually weigh in for the week (I do have a template though, and several posts are saved as drafts so I can edit them and publish them when I weigh in) and reviews or doctor appointment posts.

I write my first drafts by hand in a notebook. One of the biggest reasons I do this is because I write at home, at work, or on the go. What happens when you don’t have a way to send yourself what you typed up? You can’t access it all the time! I have a notebook I keep handy to write my blog posts in. Then I type them up in Word on my home computer or my work computer. I mostly use my work computer though, because that one has consistent internet access.

Then I copy and paste it into a new post on blogger and schedule it. I add any pictures and links and either save the draft or hit publish so it posts when I scheduled it to.

Honestly it’s a good thing y’all don’t have to read posts I’ve handwritten. My handwriting absolutely sucks ass. Seriously. I’m surprised I can read it. I would never expect y’all to be able to read it. If you don’t believe me take a look at this picture:
Bear in mind, this is actually a decent sample. It gets so much worse....
I think it’s been a really good thing for me though. I’ve gotten into the habit of planning, writing and scheduling posts well in advance. Almost all of the more experienced bloggers I look up to do that, and suggest other bloggers do too. It makes it so much easier. What if I’m not in the mood to blog one day? It won’t kill me because I already have something scheduled for at least two weeks in advance. Right now I’m scheduled a month out. I have plenty of time to come up with more posts and write/schedule them.

That's how I choose to run my blog, and how it's been working without having easy access to wifi. How do you run your blog?

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