Thursday, January 28, 2016

My Favorite Blog(ger)s

As a newbie blogger, I follow a lot of blogs. Some are amazing, some are okay, and others I should probably unfollow because I never read their blogs. I want to talk about the amazing ones. I have four favorite bloggers and eight favorite blogs. It might seem like my four favorites have two each, but actually only two of them have a second blog I follow (one has a third but it's not a favorite) and then two others I am more interested in the blog than the person(s) behind it.

In no particular order, here are my favorite blog(ger)s.

1. Helene Sula at Helene In Between and Blog In Between
   Helene is bubbly and exuberant. I love her personality and I love reading her posts. In her main blog, Helene In Between, she posts a lot of different things. I've seen random ramblings (which were hilarious), blogging tips/tricks (which were amazing), and lifestyle posts. She just started Blog In Between in December 2015 and since I had been following her already I've been following that since it started. She has a lot of insightful information and tips and tricks for new (or experienced) bloggers. She has some e-courses but I haven't been fortunate enough to take one yet. She hosts free webinars occasionally and has some freebie downloads. I'm also subscribed to her newsletter. I would absolutely recommend following her.

2. Melyssa at The Nectar Collective
   Melyssa is funny and brilliant. She is definitely one of my favorite people online, just in general. She's lovely, and posts great tips for bloggers. I only know about the one blog, TNC, but she may have more. I'm subscribed to her newsletter, and it's not just because she's not on Bloglovin'. I thoroughly enjoy getting her emails and I read her new posts almost immediately. She posts a lot about blogging. I learned a lot of things from her and have a lot of ideas that I got from her. She also has e-courses and hosts free webinars. I highly recommend following Melyssa.

3. Corinne at skinnedcartree and slimmedcartree (I also follow her tech blog geekedcartree but it's not a favorite as I'm not as into tech)
   Corinne is from the UK and she actually found me first. She followed me on Bloglovin' and I checked out her blog. I love it, she is witty and has excellent content. I read everything she posts and try to comment on them all too. Her main blog skinnedcartree is mostly like a lifestyle blog from what I can tell. Please correct me if I'm wrong, and if you happen to read this Corinne. But I like it, she's relatable and I like reading her stuff. The second one I like is slimmedcartree which is her fitness blog. I follow a few fitness blogs but hers is my favorite, mostly because I liked her already before I realized she also had a fitness blog.

4. Lexi at Lex Be Livin'
   Lexi also found me first and I'm glad she did. She's a lifestyle blogger from Colorado and she reached out to me shortly after I started my blog. I've been following her since early December and I like keeping up with her posts. She's super nice, and funny. Her posts are relatable and easy to read. She has some tips for bloggers too and I like keeping in touch because we're pretty close in blogging age, her blog being about a month older than mine.

5. Making Sense of Cents
   I see that the woman that runs the blog is named Michelle, but I don't know much about her. I can't say I dislike her, because that would be false, but I also can't claim to like her personally. I just don't know her well enough. Her blog though? Amazing. I found it on Pinterest and fell in love. She posts (obviously) about money. And since I have been struggling with my money for as long as I've had any, her blog is helpful.

   It looks like the woman behind this blog is called Georgina, and I only know that because of Bloglovin'. Which really makes me feel bad. I love her blog (and Michelle's from the last one) so I feel bad not knowing the person behind it. But she posts amazing recipes that are either super healthy, or mostly healthy, and taste good. She helps make eating healthy food pleasurable. I also love her weekly meal plan posts and have used some of her recipes for my own meal plans (that never get made but that is an entirely different story.)

There you have it, my favorite blog(ger)s. Who are some of your favorite bloggers and what are some of your favorite blogs? Do you have a certain type of blog you prefer? Let me know in the comments below, maybe I can find some new people to follow :)

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