Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pros and Cons of Living With Your Sister (and her teenage kids)

Anyone that has been following along with me since the beginning (or anyone that’s read a few of my posts or my about me page) should know that I live with my sister and her kids Mishka and Bug. I use their nicknames because they’re under 18 and not my kids (though I haven’t ruled out using nicknames for my own kids when I have them.) My sister and I have lived together for most of my life and have butted head A LOT over the years. There are certainly a few cons to living with her and the kids but there are some pros too. Here’s a list.
She cooks for me (usually)
She buys the food (but usually makes me go with her)
I only pay $400 a month in rent
I can use her car for work
I’m not homeless anymore, and neither is Lucy
I love them (even when I hate them)

Amanda has a temper (she yells…a lot)
The kids are quite often rude to me (and Lucy)
The kids are almost always arguing and yelling at each other
Mishka is about to be 16…his room smells like “boy
Bug is annoyingly afraid of Lucy…for NO reason -_-
She’s also afraid of electricity and refuses to plug anything in, including her own chargers
All three of them are really good at getting under my skin
There are almost always unhealthy snacks in the house (sooo not good for me)
Amanda doesn’t like cats (or cat litter, even fresh out of the bag) and won’t let Lucy anywhere but my bedroom.
I am stuck having Lucy’s litter box in my bedroom. Gross.
Amanda has a habit of “borrowing” money and “forgetting” to pay me back
And she gets really pissy when I bring it up
Amanda takes things way too far
She also takes offense to even the most well-meaning things
They’re all really bad at boundaries – except Amanda’s which if you cross she freaks out
Amanda takes “germaphobia” to a whole new level
Bug is constantly stealing my things and Amanda never even tells her she shouldn’t

Clearly that is a huge list of cons to a small list of pros. Maybe some cons could be lumped together, but honestly I’ve said for years that I don’t like living with my sister. But I’m not homeless.

Do you have pros/cons to living with whomever you live with? Let me know in the comments below!

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