Sunday, January 10, 2016

Weekly Weigh In | Week 6

Okay, so apparently trying to remember to weigh myself before work on a Sunday morning is just not going to happen.
I've been trying to remember the last few weeks, and frankly I just don't think it's going to happen. I have to be to work at 7am, and I live about 25 minutes away from my job. So I'm up at 530am and out the door before 630am.

Does that mean I'm gonna stop weekly weigh ins? Nope. I'm just gonna change the day/time. Obviously 8am on a Sunday morning ain't happening. So instead, I'm going to start doing my weekly weigh ins on Mondays and at noon. That way, I can weigh in in the morning and have the post up at noon. Which will start officially tomorrow, because I don't want to skip this week entirely.

So sorry that I've skipped the last two (or three? I don't even remember anymore! Ugh!) But I've been frazzled. I WILL make this work though, I promise!

Check back tomorrow for my weigh in and every Monday after at noon! :)

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