Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekly Weigh In | Week 7

Hello, hello! Welcome to my seventh weekly weigh in. I've got my shit together this week, and am actually posting on time. Whoda thunk it?
This week, I weighed in at: 394.6.

Okay. So what the fuck?? The only thing I can think of is that because it's been stressful and I've had so little time to actually be home, I'm eating like crap. I'm a big stress eater. I know this, and I know I need to change this. BUT nothing could have outlined that clearer than the number on that scale.
I was none too happy to see that not only do I keep gaining, but I have now exceeded my previous highest weight. I'm dangerously close to 400 lbs. Literally less than 5 pounds away. I told my self a long time ago that I would never let the scale reach 400. So, I need to figure this out. First order of business is to take my medicine. I've been so off track, and this could actually be a huge reason as to why I keep gaining. My thyroid is all out of whack because I haven't been taking care of it. Second order of business is to get my eating in check. Not only do I need to stop mindlessly eating shit I don't need to be eating, but I also need to start eating regularly, and healthily. So I'm going to work (in my limited spare time, now that I've got two jobs...) on a plan. I am going to start figuring out meal plans and start trying to incorporating even minimal exercise into my day. I need to lose weight, because I don't feel okay right now.

Last week, I weighed in at: 388 lbs.

Stay tuned, I plan to do a lot of new stuff here. And let me know if you have any tips or suggestions for me, the more the merrier! If we can be in this together, that would be amazing.

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