Saturday, February 27, 2016

iPhone 6S Plus Review

Hi y'all! I am soooo happy to be able to write this post! Let me give a bit of background. I've been using iPhone since 2009. I started with a Verizon iPhone 4 and traded that for a Sprint 4S when I switched carriers. Then for about two years I used the Sprint phone only when I had WiFi because I had switched to a non-contract plan with Straight Talk. Then in 2014 I bought a 16GB 5S with my tax return. I've been using that ever since, and damn is it ready to be replaced!

I mean, it's not a bad phone. But it's old. And it doesn't have a lot of memory. So when I heard about the new features of the 6S I knew I wanted it. Apple started offering their upgrade program when they released the new products and I knew exactly what I was going to do.

I was going to get the iPhone 6S Plus in Rose Gold with 128GB of storage. Buuuut, did you know you have to have a real credit card to do their upgrade program? I mean, the lady on chat said you might be able to do a bank card with a credit card logo, but they don't take pre-paid debit cards, even if they have a credit logo on them. The only cards I have are pre-paid. This was in December and I was super bummed.
But then I got my second job, and my tax refund and I decided what the hell! I splurged. I went completely broke for a week, but I don't care.

I went out to Providence, because the closest Apple stores are Providence, RI and Hartford, CT and they're pretty much the same distance from me. I prefer Providence over Hartford so we went there. I got off work at 3 and we left for Providence about 430/5ish. It's an hour drive, but I finally had my iPhone 6s Plus!

So here's the review.

First of all, it's weird how natural the huge new phone is to me. I gave the 5S to Bug, because she wanted it. And whenever she needs me to do something on the phone for her, it feels impossibly small. I've only had the new phone for a week!

Also, I am in love with how much storage I have! As of right now, typing this up on 2/20, I have 426 songs, 16 photos, 50 applications (!!) and 99.6 GB of available space. I have never had 50 applications on my phone before. I love not seeing the low storage message. Or the "you can't take a picture" message.

The 3D touch feature is pretty cool. I love the easy access to certain options on most apps. Like with the music app, if you force press on it it brings up a menu. You can play the last song you played, play Beats 1 radio, or search. Some of my apps don't use 3D touch, but the ones that do are cool. The Peek function is awesome, because you don't have to actually go to the site or whatever. Just peek and see if you want to go there or not.

The camera is pretty great. I haven't taken many pictures yet, I've been far too busy unfortunately, but the ones I have taken look great. Most of them are my sisters puppy, because she's just too damn cute. And the live photos option is cool. I took a photo of the puppy while she was playing with the string on my hoodie and turned it into a little video that I posted to Facebook. It's adorable. Buuuuut, it also records sound, so if you use this feature, be careful what you say just before, during, and after you take the picture!

My sisters puppy, Satya
With such a ginormous phone, I love that if you double tap the home button, (not click, tap, so basically the fingerprint sensor) it pulls the screen down so it's easier to reach. I use this function all the time when I have one hand full and am trying to get to something at the top.

Do you have an iPhone? Do you prefer Android? Let me know in the comments below!

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