Saturday, March 26, 2016

BuzzFeed's 27 Day Squat Challenge Day 15

Saturday, day 15 squats. I did 60 squats today. So far I've done a total of 465 squats. You can read all of my challenge updates right here.

I forgot my update yesterday because I had a weird schedule. Then I was late to work this morning because I forgot what day it was! What??? Ugh. Anyway, yesterday I worked 9-130. It was supposed to be 530 but it was absolutely dead so they let Amanda and I (and a handful of others) leave early. Then I went home and caught up on some episodes of The Fosters. Which is by far one of my favorite shows right now. And then we took Bug to dinner and had an early night. Bug wanted to go see Batman vs Superman but we talked her into waiting. Mostly because I didn't really want to watch it. I've heard there are a lot of bad reviews. I wanted to watch Allegiant but Bug didn't. So we compromised by going home instead lol.

I'm also noticing the clicking back in my knee. And that I'm finding it hard to do the squats all at once. I've started breaking them up, doing half at one time and half another time. Still doing them all, just not all together. At first I was mad, but honestly you try squatting 400 pounds 50 or 60 times without a break. It's hard. So I stopped feeling like a failure and remembered I'm still doing it, just differently than I had planned.

Check back tomorrow for my day 16 update. 

Are you also working on this challenge? How is it going so far? If you're just learning about it, what do you think? Will you join me? Let me know in the comments below!

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