Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Why I Stopped Weekly Weigh Ins

Hi y'all! So I was doing weekly weigh ins for a while and I wanted to let you know why I stopped. It wasn't because I was lazy, I promise! There were a few things that led me to stop doing the weigh ins.

The biggest reason is because I wasn't getting motivated by it. I started doing weekly weigh ins because I was hoping it would ramp up my motivation to lose weight. It didn't. In fact, I just kept gaining and it was making things worse. So I stopped.

I also kept forgetting. Which would mean my post wouldn't go up and that led to me feeling bad about myself. That's certainly not going to help. Feeling inadequate doesn't help my depression. And when I have problems with my depression, I gain weight. Which then keeps me in my depression. It's a horrible cycle and I got tired of feeding into it.

It wasn't necessary. It did nothing for me to know what my weight was. And the posts I put up were pointless. They were short, and boring and no one read them. I don't blame people, because I wouldn't want to read them either!

I figured, this isn't helping, I never remember to do it, and it's not even necessary! What is the point of beating myself up over something that isn't even doing what I had hoped it would? There is no point. So I decided not to continue with weekly weigh ins. Will I keep stepping on the scale? Occasionally. I'm not going to make it a habit. Those habits can turn sour very fast. I'm trying very hard not to develop an eating disorder. I already have a flawed relationship with food, I do not need it to get worse. So there will no longer be weekly weigh in posts. I will periodically update my stats page, but it won't be on a schedule. I can't risk worsening depression, and developing an eating disorder. Neither of those things will lead to me living a healthy, happy life.

Do you do weekly weigh ins? Has your experience been different than mine? What do you think of my decision to stop weighing in weekly? Let me know in the comments below!

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