Thursday, May 26, 2016

I've Been Vegetarian For A Month?

Yup, you read the title correctly. I've been a vegetarian for a month as of last Saturday. And man has it been rough. I don't prepare my own food, but honestly we don't cook much at home. And when we do, Amanda is the one cooking. This makes being the only vegetarian in the family hard.

I mean, she's been mostly supportive. She does cook without meat for my part of the meals when we do cook at home. And if we're ordering I just get something with no meat. Simple. But then she does things like cook with a meat sauce for our spaghetti on my first night without meat. Or say things like "why can't you just eat meat this one time?" What the hell? It actually doesn't affect her that much. But apparently my choice to cut out meat has somehow negatively affected her.

Bug acts like it's a big deal too, even though she herself has expressed a desire to go meatless. We have learned, however, that Amanda and the kids like stuffed shells without meat better than with meat. So that's a win, albeit a small one.

Another issue is that I hate grocery shopping. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's not the actual act of shopping, but the fact that going with Amanda, or even my other sister Brenda, is hell. And it's even worse when the kids are with us. My therapist says I should try baby steps. So I'm going to go to the grocery store after work tonight. (This is being written on Wednesday though, so last night? Whatever.)

I used to go to Stop & Shop before work every morning to get lunch. That wasn't too bad. Buuuut, I wasn't a fan of the prices. For some reason everything is so much more expensive in the town Amanda and I work compared to where we live. And Stop & Shop is always more expensive. I much prefer Aldi or even Super Walmart. Much better prices, lol.

It isn't too hard being a vegetarian. Amanda has made me veggie burgers a couple times when they had regular hamburgers. And Morning Star veggie burgers are amazing.

Yes, I had more than just two burgers in the second one, lol
I've learned to be a bit creative, but I feel like I'm not doing enough. Eating out so often is so not good for me. I also have already decided that this is just a stepping stone. I intent to transition fully into veganism in the future. I just don't know how long that will take. I know I won't be able to do it while living with my sister. Until I learn to prepare my own meals, fully, I won't be able to go full vegan. 

I do know that I haven't even craved meat. It might have been easier because I cut out pork two years ago, and didn't eat a lot of meat anyway. But I don't want a burger, unless it's veggie. I don't look at my family eating meat and think "man I miss that" because I don't. It was easy to stop eating meat. 

I helped Amanda on my first night as a vegetarian cook dinner. It was the night we had spaghetti, and I was cooking the meat of all things. I had a small urge to pop a piece of the beef into my mouth until I looked at it. It wasn't an urge I was having because I wanted the meat itself. It was a habit. Whenever I used to cook ground beef, I would pop a piece or two into my mouth when it was cooked enough. I didn't even want it, it was just a habitual movement. 

So, I've been a vegetarian for a month. I haven't seen many changes and the biggest reason is because I'm still eating like shit. I'm also eating a LOT more cheese than I was before. What do I get when I can't get a turkey or cheeseburger grinder when we order take out? A cheese calzone... that is SO much cheese! And I've had so many of them in the last month. 

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I plan to start incorporating better, healthier, foods into my diet. Starting tonight, whether we eat out or in, I'm having a salad. Or something. 

Are you a vegetarian? Corrine, if you read this, can you give me some tips? Anyone have any amazing, healthy, go-to veggie based meals you want to shout out? Let me know, please!


  1. Hi I'm here. Haha.

    Well done on going veggie! It will get easier with times as you learn what you like and what you can buy in supermarkets - but you need to get yourself to the supermarket and be careful about replacing meat with cheese!

    I eat pretty clean, not much cheese or fat, I also hardly ever eat bread/pasta/white potatoes. I do often post food on instagram so you can check that out. Watch what I eat in a day videos of vegans on YouTube as there are loads of healthy options!

    Corinne x

    1. I definitely need to be careful about replacing meat with cheese. Especially since I plan to cut out all meat byproducts completely some day. I follow your Instagram, so I'll keep an eye out for your food posts :)

  2. Going vegetarian isn't all that bad. =) Whenever I go to Chipotle or something similar I just get veggies bowls... mainly for the free guacamole, though! I like using lentils as a meat substitute sometimes. Lentil Sloppy Joes are amazing! And I know this sounds weird, but if I want extra flavor on some things, like sandwiches or salads, but don't want a lot of calories, I add pickles. Seriously, pickles. I'll eat those things without cheese now as long as I can get pickles instead!

    1. I wish I liked pickles then haha! I'll have to look into lentil sloppy joes for sure, too! Thanks for the tips :)