Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Popsugar's 30 Day Bodyweight Challenge

Well, this is awkward. I said in the last update for the Buzzfeed challenge that I was going to keep doing squats every day. I didn't. I don't want to say I lied, because I really planned on doing them. I just didn't. At all. Like, I literally haven't done one squat since the last day of the challenge. Oops....

But that brings me to this. I follow PopSugar, or FitSugar I guess, on Bloglovin' and I was going through my daily emails and saw this. I let my daily emails from Bloglovin' sit in my inbox until the weekend. Sue me. Anyway, I saw the post, and I was like, well shit. The last time I did a challenge, it was okay, but I've gained (saldy) more than 30 pounds since then! (Side note, what the fuck, Kaitlynn? More than 30 pounds in like a month or two??) But, this doesn't seem high intensity.

So fuck it, I'm going to do another challenge. But updating every day was super annoying and I felt like most of the updates were useless and didn't really help y'all much. Instead of daily, or even bi-daily based on this challenge, updates I will do four posts. This one, one at day 15, one at day 30, and one on day 31 recapping the experience. I did something similar with the no spend challenge I did, and I feel that worked soooo much better than the squat challenge posts!

This challenge has you do a certain amount of reps of six bodyweight exercises to make a set, then you do a certain amount of sets. You skip a day, so you're only really doing it 15 days. I honestly think this is low intensity enough for me to be able to do it, sitting here at a ridiculous 425 pounds. Also, on that note, I tried weighing myself on my home scale and all it said was "error." Fucking hell. So when Mish had a doctor appointment Friday I weighed myself there. The 425 pissed me off, so I need to do something about it.

I'll be starting this tomorrow, June 1st. I have no clue what is going to happen when I'm done. I don't want to say I'll continue, because I know how well that worked out the last time. This is just something I need to start really doing. I can't just think about it anymore, it's time to step the fuck up and do it already.

If any of y'all joined last time, do you think you'd like to join this time? Or if you never saw my original challenge, are you planning on doing either of them yourself? If you join in, let me know so we can chat about it in the comments here or on social media!

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