Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Those "How to Save Money" Posts? They Suck Ass

Yup, you heard me. (Read me? I dunno) I hate those posts! And there is no shortage of them, that's for sure. I can't scroll my feed on Pinterest without seeing at least three. And that's without searching for them. Search for it and you'll find hundreds if not thousands of the damn things.

So why do I hate them so much? Because I don't really relate to them. Half of the tips are things like "skip your morning coffee". What morning coffee?? First of all, I don't drink coffee. Second of all, if I did, I would brew it at home. My mom has a freaking Keurig, you think I want to spend $4 on a cup of coffee? Hell no!

Then you've got the ATM ones. Who really uses ATMs like that? If I need cash I either go straight to my bank, or I take cash back at a store I'm already buying something from. Not to mention, my bank will reimburse up to $15 in ATM fees every month. Hello?? That's awesome!

They also always say something about your hair. My sister took hairdressing in school. I haven't paid for a haircut in years. I also haven't had my hair cut in about a year and a half...but that's a different story! While this may be an awesome tip for some people, for me it's just another wasted blog post that I spent the last five minutes of my life reading.

And then there's the ones that say "give up expensive habits" and they usually talk about cigarettes, sometimes alcohol, and even illegal drugs. Um. If I'm smoking crack (or even pot) I'm probably not online looking at your post about how to save money?? Maybe that's just me? But I also don't smoke, because it's fucking gross. And I rarely drink. And when I do, it's one drink, and you can find them on my Instagram. #ShamelessSelfPromo 😎

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They also always say "ditch cable" or something similar. I haven't had cable for a while. The last time we had cable was last November (2015) and I didn't even have to pay for it. I have the free Hulu subscription too, so I don't even pay for that. I mostly watch YouTube videos, which are free unless you want YouTube Red. Which I don't.

I rarely buy new clothes, and the last time I did I bought everything on clearance and got 55% off my most recent pair of jeans. You can read about that here. By the way, I adore those jeans! They are sooooo comfortable!

I have rarely come across a save money post that has anything in it that will actually save me, personally, money. I already don't do half of what they suggest stopping. And not even for money saving purposes!

Have you ever had this problem? Or do you love those posts and think I'm being silly? Do you have any actual, good, tips for saving money? Let's chat in the comments below!


  1. This post made me giggle! I can relate a little. I'm definitely guilty of doing some of the things I could cut back on to save money (coffee, alcohol, etc.) but these are common sense things! Also, I'm not the type to go get coffee every day so whehn I do I look at it as a treat or because I'm in a jam and I won't make myself feel bad about it. Give me a fresh and innovative way to save money.

    1. I'm glad you liked the post! And I agree, coffee can sometimes be a little splurge when I want something, but it's definitely not an every day thing. I'll have to come up with my own "save money tips" post!