Tuesday, July 12, 2016

ColourPop Haul

You know, I don't even know how I heard about ColourPop. I just know that I'm glad I did. I had a coupon for $5 off my first order and I bought the Swerve Creme Gel Liner and let me tell you 😍 Then I got the email about a free Super Shock Shadow for their second birthday and decided to buy a liquid lip too. And then they came out with their metals and oh my goodness. I'm hooked. Another cool thing about ColourPop is that not only is it made in the US, but a lot of their colors are really good dupes for higher end (think Mac and Kylie Jenner Lip Kit) brands. For sooo much less. So there's that.

When I first heard about their metal liquid lips they were already sold out. I was so upset that I missed it! Then they announced a restock via Instagram.

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I set my alarm for 5 of and put a few things in my cart beforehand. I didn't want to waste time shopping because some people had said they were checking out and lost their items! I ended up getting two metallics, one ultra satin, another liner, a sculpting stick, and two shadows.

Super Shock Shadow in Tassel $5
Oh my goodness! This is such a pretty white! I love their shadows, but this isn't too pigmented. That's not bad for a white, though! And did I mention they're cruelty free? That's what the little bunny means.

Super Shock Shadow in La La $5
I love this too. I feel like it would go really well with Man Eater. These shadows are so pigmented (swatches below) and creamy. They suggest using your fingers to apply. I've done both finger and brush and I do think I prefer the brush. I feel like I have more control with a brush.

Ultra Satin Lip in Magic Wand $6
This color is such a great nude! I'm not very bold with my makeup. I might sometimes wear a blue eyeshadow, but usually I stick to neutrals or black/white. The only problem I have with this is that the formula is a bit drying for all of their liquid lips that I've tried, (others have said the same) but the color is so good and long lasting that I just throw some lip balm on and I'm good. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Sculpting Stix in Castle $5
I was not too sure about this, and I'm still not. I don't know exactly how to use it, or exactly what it is. I thought it was a concealer stick, but reading the description it seems more like a highlighting stick. I don't know, I just know for $5 I wanted to try it.

Créme Gel Liner in Honey Dude $5
I saw someone use this in a YouTube video and was impressed. I never thought to use a nude liner, but it made her look so much more awake. Amanda tried it and I could tell which eye she put it on because even half-asleep on Benedryl from an allergic reaction one eye still looked much more awake and bright than the other. I definitely want to try this myself.

Ultra Metallic Lip in Man Eater $6
I love this color! As soon as I saw it on Insta I knew I wanted it. I think if they come back in stock and I'm able to get more I'll buy this again and the other two. Amanda loves this color too, and has asked me to let her use it for now. She won't use it if I do, so that means I either have to feel like a jerk, or not use it for now. She might get bored of it soon, but I bought another one anyway when they announced another restock. It's a great brown/bronze metallic that has a very nice shine to it.

Ultra Metallic in Kween $6
I love this so much! It's a reddish gold metallic and this one is allllll mine 😍 I am so in love with this shade! I haven't used it yet but the swatch was just ah-mazing! I just hope the color stays as well as their ultra satin lips do. From the swatches I've seen it does.

It also comes with a little card that says "we a-dumbledore you" which is so a-dumbledore-able! And they include a little booklet with each purchase. They also sent a little card for the metallics with info on a giveaway (which I entered, of course)

That's all that I bought this time. I spent about $40 including the $5 shipping fee. I feel like this is so much for so little. You can spend $40 on one item with most brands and I bought seven products. I also wanted to show you what I already had of ColourPop.

This is what I already have:
Ultra Satin Lip in Littlestitious $6
This is a really good nude, very similar to Magic Wand. It's a little more pink, but still really nice. Especially for $6. I used it in the Insta pic below as well as two other ColourPop products.

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Créme Gel Liner in Swerve $5
This was my first ColourPop product and I love it. It's very dark black, goes on sooooo smoothly and, stays put all day. I used this in the Insta pic above.

Créme Gel Liner in Get Paid $5
This is the only product I didn't buy myself. This came in Junes Ipsy bag and I love it. This is actually what made me think about buying the metallics when they were announced.

Last but not least Super Shock Shadow in Birthday Boy $5
I can't link to this because it was limited edition. But I love this. It's a very odd, but nice, color. It looks like it's a bronze with flecks of purple and green. I used this on my eyes in the Insta pic above.

And here are the swatches for all of the new ones I bought. As you can see, Magic Wand is very brown/nude, and looks much more pink in the picture above. But honestly I love all of these colors. (I accidentally broke Honey Dude when I swatched this 😱 but it's fine, I just lost the tip...) I also just bought 3 Way, Zebra and the Liberty Super Shock Shadow. As I mentioned above, I bought another Man Eater because Amanda took my original, lol. Pretty excited for the new ones to come in.

Have you ever used a ColourPop product? What do you think of my haul? Let's chat in the comments below!

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