Thursday, July 21, 2016

July Ipsy Glam Bag Review

Let's go with a more lighthearted post, yeah? My Ipsy* is in! You know what that means. It means I've got more makeup to play with 😉 You can check out the rest of my Ipsy reviews here.

Let's see what I got!

Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in No Filter
Yay....another nail polish...woo... In all seriousness, I'm not loving that I got another nail polish. Preeeeeeetty sure I told them I didn't want any more. But I digress. It's a pretty color, at least. Also, major plus, they're vegan. It's full size, which is awesome. I got a pedicure and had them use this and it looks pretty good. The pictures don't do it justice. Online it looked way more pink, but in person it's darker and more tan. And on here it looks more grey. Which is so weird. This is definitely a greige but that's okay.
Original Price: $15 (actual value: $15)
J. Cat Beauty Perfect Duo Brow Pencil in Dark Brown
Okay, so this isn't bad. When I first read that it was dark brown I was a little worried because my eyebrows aren't very dark. I think. But this should be fine. It was a bit hard, and I'm not happy that the spoolie is exposed. But I might like it. Again, they're vegan! This is almost full size. I got a 0.009 oz and full size is 0.01 oz. Not too shabby! It also looks like the full size comes with a cap for the spoolie.
Original Price: $3.99 (actual value: $3.59)
Mellow Cosmetics Baked Eyeshadow in Coco
When I watched Ipsy's live stream on Facebook I saw several items I wanted, and some I didn't. This is one of the products I really wanted. The color is great, and it is sooooo pigmented! It's swatched below along with the brow pencil. Plus, excellent theme going here this month, it's vegan! I'm pretty sure this is full size.
Original Price: $8 (actual value: $8)
theBalm Cosmetics Meet Matt(e) Trimony Eyeshadow in Matt Kumar
Oh look. This is the second time I've accidentally gotten this. Uhhhh, wtf? It's not bad, but I don't think I need two... This was supposed to be some hair serum though, and I think I'd rather have the eyeshadow. It's also not vegan :( There are nine colors in the full pallet so it's 1/9 of the retail size.
Original Price: $42 (actual value: $4.67)
MAKE UP FOR EVER Excessive Lash
Again, this is an item I was interested in during the live stream. Make Up Forever is kind of an expensive brand, so whenever I can get free samples I'm all for it. It is a pretty good mascara, and I'm glad I got it. And I like that the wand is actually pink, lol. You can barely see it, and after using this a few times I'm sure it will be coated black, but it's still cute. Make Up Forever is not vegan. I got a 0.08 oz tube and retail is 0.29 oz.
Original Price: $25 (actual value: $6.82)

Total Retail: $93.99; Total Actual Value: $38.08

So I got a repeat, which is okay. I'm not mad at this bag. The bag itself is cute, and I love that I get new bags every month. With as much makeup as I'm getting lately, I need them! I'm really happy three of the five products were vegan, the hair serum was also vegan but I didn't get that. I'm not really mad I didn't get it, because I didn't want it. Overall a $38 value on a $10 bag is great! Plus there were two full size products and one that was 90% of the full size. Not bad at all.

As promised, the swatches.

Do you have Ipsy? Do you use a different subscription makeup box? I also subscribe to Birchbox and the Walmart beauty box so check out my posts about that here and here. Let me know in the comments below!

*This is an affiliate link. I get 250 Ipsy points if you sign up with my link which can be redeemed for items on the site.

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