Thursday, August 25, 2016

Cape Ann Whale Watch Tour

Whoops. This was supposed to be up Tuesday! Sorry! It's been a bit crazy around here. But I wanted to talk about the trip I took on Saturday. I was originally planning to go to the Mohegan powwow at Fort Shantok here in Connecticut, so I took the day off from the spa. I changed my mind, and then Amanda, Christy, Bug and I decided to go on a whale watching trip.
I Instagrammed this pic, I love how it looks like an old school ship

Originally we were going to go through a company in Plymouth until I realized that not only had Christy missed the Groupon, but we couldn't use the one I had bought on the day we wanted. So instead we went with Cape Ann. And I'm glad we did! They have over 5000 reviews on Groupon and their rating is a 5/5 stars! I also checked their reviews online and they were all good.

Some of the houses along the waterfront
They were charging $30 per ticket, but because we called they gave us the tickets for $29 each. They're normally $48 a piece, so it was a great deal. We left later than we wanted to, and due to five accidents on the highway (literally, five accidents!) we were almost too late. But we called twice to make sure they knew we were on the way and it was fine.

Bug, taking in the sights, squinting even though she has sunglasses #nerd
It took us over three hours to get from southeastern Connecticut to Gloucester, MA where they are located. It was about an hours trip out far enough to see the whales, and we were out for about an hour or so, and then another hour back. It was really fun, we saw five different humpback whales, but we saw them several times each. They didn't breach, but they dove a few times and we saw their tails. They also came up for air a lot and you could see the spray from their blowhole.

Picture of the other boat that was out there with us
I'm pretty proud of myself because I did quite a bit of walking. I'm glad I was able to get out and do something so fun! We've done a whale watch trip once before and it wasn't nearly as amazing. That was out of Newburyport, MA and all we saw were a few minke whales. They are tiny, and they didn't even dive.

On the way back in
I got some incredible photos, and because I took them all with my 6S I got to convert the ones I really liked into videos because they are live photos. I think that is so freaking cool! These are some of my favorite pictures from the trip.

You can just see the boats on the other side

You can barely tell, but that's a guy on a jet ski. He was riding our waves for a while

Cute little lighthouse

The side of that building says "manufactory" lol

The sun in the sky on the way home
I have a video on my YouTube that is embedded below. Check it out!

Have y'all ever gone whale watching? Are you interested? What did you think of the pictures/video I got? I thought they came out great!

*This is not sponsored at all by Cape Ann. These are 100% my opinions and images/videos.


  1. Whoa, what a beautiful place! Hah, i'm always scared a whale will eat me when im on a boat, yeah i think i watch too much tv. The photo with the ship is gorgeous! I'd love to whale watch in Maine, its on my list.

    1. Haha I might be scared if a giant whale breeched right next to me. But this is the second one I've been on and honestly the whales are just incredible. I would recommend it for anyone.