Thursday, September 8, 2016

30 Day No Spend Challenge - September 2016 Edition - Update 1

It's been a full week of saving. I've gotten two paychecks as of today from my main job and one from my weekend job. I did mention in my first post that things like food weren't going to be counted as cheating or anything negative. That being said, let's jump into the first week of the challenge!

Things have been going okay. Since deciding not to count food, I've found it hard to avoid spending money of things like fast food. With Amanda working until 7 and us not getting home until usually around 8 or 830 after picking up the kids, it's hard to cook dinner at home. It looks like after bills most of my money goes to food. I want to see if I can balance this a little better in the coming weeks.

I think it's easier to save money for me because I work so much that it's really hard to spend. I did forget on the 1st that I was on a spending freeze and almost bought makeup, and even then when I remembered I almost cheated anyway. Then I looked at what I was buying and realized I was only there because of the sale and the freebies they were offering. I don't really need more liquid lipstick, eyeshadow or anything else. I get three monthly subscription boxes, if I catch it in time I usually get the Target box, and I get Walmart. I think I have enough makeup.

So I saved $30 and I was quite proud of myself. So far that's been the only real temptation. I don't have a lot of time to go to stores and shop, and when I do go to the store, I want to get in and out quickly. Hopefully this is a good sign for the rest of the month!

Unfortunately things went horribly wrong on Monday. I checked my bank and found out that four things that had not been processing (and thus were not showing in my 'available balance') went through. Which meant four separate $33 overdraft fees. Holy fuck. That was a mistake of epic proportions. The good news is that I took a step to rectify this in the future by switching my iTunes account to a different card. Apple was two of the four overdrafts.

Also, my boss at my week job is amazing. You'll see below that my check for this week is significantly less than last week. That's because I was unaware that I wasn't being paid for the two days I took off. I gross over $100 a day, so it is a major hit. When I talked to my boss, I mentioned that I was almost $200 negative ($132 of which is just from the fees alone) and she handed me a $109 bill from the petty cash box and said 'we'll figure it out next week.' Y'all. That was so unexpected! I wasn't expecting to see the money, if at all. I'm incredibly grateful, because we then took that money and went to Aldi and got $100 worth of food.

Now on to my expenses. I am going to list food all together this time instead of by where I bought it.
Food: $194.61
Student Loan: $214.41
Subscriptions: $40
Rent: $65.08
Best Rents*: $29.82
Overdraft fees: $132
Total Expenses: $676.73

And now income, sorted by weekday job then weekend job:
Check 1: $365.51
Check 2: $235.79
Check 1: $143.88
Total Income: $745.18
Amount Saved: $68.45

That's what the first week looks like. So far it hasn't been great, because of that mix up. But it's not nearly as bad as it could be, so I'll just make sure it doesn't happen again. Overall these are good numbers. The first week I knew was going to be bad because of my loan payment. That payment is a bitch, let me tell you. But I do like that it's helping with my credit.

Check back next week for my next update and to see my progress. Here's to a good month and a nice big savings at the end!

Are you following along with the challenge? If so, let me know about your progress!

*Best Rents is a rental company that I have been renting things from since I turned 18. I have a great relationship with them and have thoroughly enjoyed working with them these last 7 years. I currently am renting a washing machine, dryer and foundation and bed frame. I'm only going to mention it this once but I wanted to clarify in case anyone was confused. I pay it weekly on Fridays 😊

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