Thursday, September 15, 2016

30 Day No Spend Challenge - September 2016 Edition - Update 2

Week two is coming to an end. It's been a crazy week, yet again. I got shorted last week in my check and it ended up being really bad. This week has been full of little things that have added up to be just one big cluster fuck. Yay?

Thursday was fine, because we had bought food on Wednesday, like I mentioned in last weeks update. Friday was okay, too, for the same reason. Then Saturday came along and I had no money. Because I was pretty much broke, I ended up eating snack food from the vending machine at work. Not fun. Sunday was pretty much the same. Monday was okay, we had breakfast at home and we brought lunch. Then we borrowed $20 from my sister for dinner. Tuesday we again had breakfast at home and brought lunch. I brought some PBJ and dinner was a mish mash of things.

I wasn't able to save a dime this week and instead went negative again in my main account. Honestly, I'm going to have to switch my account. I tried using my PayPal card because it links to my checking account but the transactions didn't post right and I couldn't remember how much I had spent. This resulted in two charges over drafting. Each over draft nets you a $33 charge. The shitty thing is that I over drafted by $9.73 the first time, and a whopping 95¢ the second time. Yeah, they charged me 6 times what I actually over drafted. I've emailed the bank to see if they can reverse at least one of the charges, so we'll see.

Now on to my expenses. Again, I'm going to lump food all together. Because I was so broke, I talked to Best Rents and they are letting me do a double payment this week instead of one last week. I love them so much, and am glad I've had a good relationship with them for the last 7 years.

Food: $59.72
Student Loan: N/A
Subscriptions: $2.01
Rent: $65.08
Best Rents: N/A
Overdraft fees: $66
Securus*: $10
Cat Food: 95¢
Gas: $14
Total Expenses: $217.76

And now income, sorted by weekday job then weekend job:
Check 1: $471.82
Check 1: $73.88
Total Income: $545.70
Amount Saved: $327.94

I already know that Amanda needs help with the rent and her car insurance, so that is going to bring the amount saved down. I got a short check from the spa because I only worked one day that week. In all honesty, I'm hoping the rest of this month picks up because I'm getting killed by this.

Check back next week for my next update and to see my progress. Here's to a good month and a nice big savings at the end!

Are you following along with the challenge? If so, let me know about your progress!

*Securus is a company that allows you to talk to inmates if you put money on an account. It's 26¢ a minute and you can talk for 15 minutes. I'm not going to go into detail, but I have a family member currently in prison and I talk to him on a fairly regular basis. I will say that he was wrongfully convicted of two crimes he did not commit. One of which he wasn't even in the state at the time the crime happened and the other the supposed "victim" has stated numerous times that they lied about the whole thing. I typically only have to put $10-$15 on the account and it lasts about a month.

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