Thursday, September 22, 2016

30 Day No Spend Challenge - September 2016 Edition - Update 3

Week three has come to a close and it has been nearly as disastrous. I did get a nice deposit from my weekday job, and I got a full check from my weekend job. I also only ended up having to make one Best Rents payment, which was nice.
I did finally make the splurge I mentioned in the beginning. I was trying to hold off as long as possible, but unfortunately I really need a pedicure at least once a month. It's been two. So Monday Amanda and I got pedicures.

I bought some cat food for Lucy, I bought some food for us, and that was about it. I'm pretty proud of myself for not spending too much this week. I had to pay the $100 back to my supervisor, and $20 to my other sister. Next week I know I'll be hit with the $215 for my loan again because I don't get paid before the 4th.

I was able to get one of the $33 overdraft fees reversed, but I'm still going to switch banks. I also decided not to pay the $100 this week and instead got the pedicure done. With the problems I was having with my feet, I felt it was necessary and so I will pay the $100 with the check deposited today. That will be counted in next weeks update.

Now on to my expenses. Again, I'm going to lump food all together.

Food: $181.78
Student Loan: N/A
Subscriptions: N/A
Rent: $65.08
Best Rents: $29.82
Overdraft fees: $0 - YAY!
Securus*: N/A
Cat Food: $3.79
Gas: $10
Phone: $59.90
Work: --
Sister: $20
ATM Fee: $2.50 (will be repaid at the end of the month)
Pedicure: $102.10 (for two)
Total Expenses: $474.97

And now income, sorted by weekday job then weekend job:
Check 1: $405.59
Check 1: $143.88
Total Income: $549.47
Amount Saved: $74.5

Ouch. Not the best week. I would love if next week could be better but $315 is already spent on bills. *sigh*

Are you following along with the challenge? If so, let me know about your progress!

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