Thursday, September 29, 2016

30 Day No Spend Challenge - September 2016 Edition - Update 4

This is the end of week 4. This is my last weekly update. This entire thing has failed spectacularly. I wasn't sure I would get this posted, but I didn't want yesterday to get in the way of anything. I'm not sure if you know, but yesterday was the three year "anniversary" of my dads passing. It's a hard day, as are his birthday and major holidays. But I got through it. Now let's talk about money, and not sad things.
This week was weird. First of all, I made a "mistake" about my student loan payment. I say "mistake" with quotes because I actually paid it early. It's technically due on the 4th of every month, and today should have been the day I paid it. Oh well, I can't be mad that I made the payment early!

I also didn't pay back my boss still. This was an accident! I had the cash out but when I went to give it to her she couldn't take it because she didn't have the key to the cash box. But I didn't want to be carrying cash so I put it away. And then forgot I needed that money and it was used for other things.

Other than that I didn't do much this week. I was sick Tuesday (Monday afternoon too, but I couldn't leave work) and stayed home all day. I mostly just worked. Which isn't a bad thing. We had a little party thing at work Friday and given my position I wasn't able to go back and work, so instead I took a nap in the quiet room. It was a pizza party with the senior management serving the rest of the employees from a local pizza truck and we got two tickets each for an alcoholic beverage, if we were of age.

I had a frozen margarita but gave my other ticket to someone Amanda knew.

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Now on to my expenses. Again, I'm going to lump food all together.

Food: $110.06
Student Loan: $214.41
Subscriptions: $5
Rent: $65.08
Best Rents: $29.82
Overdraft fees: $0 - yes!!
Securus: N/A
Cat Food: $5
Gas: N/A
Phone: N/A
Work: $100 - not sure exactly what it was spent on
Sister: N/A
ATM Fee: N/A
Pedicure: N/A
Total Expenses: $529.37

And now income, sorted by weekday job then weekend job:
Check 1: $405.59
Check 1: $141.82
Total Income: $547.41
Amount Saved: $18.04

This is my last update. These numbers are all from last week leading up to Wednesday night. I'm not going to count tomorrow's check or this Friday's. This month showed me quite a lot. And things definitely need to change. I will be working on that.

Are you following along with the challenge? If so, let me know about your progress!

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