Tuesday, October 18, 2016

If I Won The Lottery....

Admit it, you've fantasized about what it would be like to win the lottery. We all have, there's no shame in it. Some of us, however, have pretty detailed plans. I'm one of those people.

Every time I fantasize about winning a large sum of money, it's always an astronomical amount. I'm talking tens of millions. I'm a bit greedy. I also always do the same things first.

I always plan to go straight to an accountant. I don't want to fuck up my finances now that I'm rich. I usually end up investing some of it and then the rest goes into a bank account for future consideration.

Then I typically head to a car dealership. And I'm talking a normal dealership, not a high end one. I almost always drive away with a sensible car. The last time I had this fantasy it was the 2017 Toyota Prius. Lately I've been putting a down payment on a Tesla too.

My next step is to pay off all of my bills, except part of my student loan. I keep the loan so that I can bring my credit score up. That's the same reason I always get at least one secured credit card and/or loan pretty early on. I also pay off some bills for family members.

After bills are paid and I have a car, the next step is getting a place of my own. I usually decide to rent, because my long-term goal isn't to live in Connecticut. I plan to move somewhere warmer. But in the mean time, I always want a place of my own to stay.

I typically rent a condo of some sort in an apartment building with certain amenities. I always have a gym in the building, and an indoor and outdoor pool. The gym is essential and has never been missing from these fantasies. I like the idea of having one easily accessible, but without taking up space in my apartment. I also always have at least two bedrooms, and laundry in the apartment. I buy all new furniture, because I've never lived on my own and would need it anyway.

And honestly after that I usually stop thinking about it. I never quit my job(s) in these fantasies. Even when I had the worst job, I still kept it. I just dropped my hours down. I don't think I could completely quit my job, I have to have something to do.

I sometimes think it's weird that I don't think about all of the crazy things people usually do when they get a lot of money. Most people would buy an extravagant house and car and all sorts of other crazy things. I'd rather buy sensible items and save/invest the rest of the money.

Have you ever fantasized about winning the lotto? What are your first stops when you do? Have you actually won a large ($1000 or more) sum of money? Let's chat in the comments!


  1. I dream of this all the time! Dream of being able to escape England when it's cold and wet.

    Corinne x

    1. We don't get as much rain here, but it gets very cold :/