Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Why I Don't Like Water Fasts

I've written about why I don't like the word "diet" before. I never really talked about the different kind of diets though. The latest fad seems to be fasting.

I can't seem to go on Pinterest, Facebook, or even Instagram without seeing something about a fast that this person or that person is doing. It seems to be more on Pinterest than anywhere else and I see it more than once while scrolling.

Fasts are incredibly difficult to categorize. Are they a religious thing? Are they healthy? Is it a fad diet? Well, sometimes it's all three. But the one I hate the most is the last one.

Fad diets are never good. Especially because like most things, they're temporary. People think going on a single fast will magically fix them. It won't. And once they learn that, some people have a tendency to try to make it work. What they'll do is fast longer, or more frequently, or sometimes both. This can lead to eating disorders and doesn't help.

Sometimes fasting can be okay. If you try to do a fast for a day or two to get on track, or for religious reasons, it's usually fine. But when I see "water fasts" being promoted as good or healthy? I get infuriated. You can survive on just water, that is true. But you shouldn't.

The thing with most of these fasts is that they are being talked about by people who don't know what they're talking about. They are not nutritionists or doctors and so they really have no right to tell people to follow a certain diet. I know I'm not a nutritionist. That's why I'm not going to say "don't do this fast, do this instead." I'm just going to say that most of these fasts are unhealthy.

I've seen them post things saying to go on a week long water fast. Literally just water for an entire week. What the hell?? Don't go telling people not to have anything but water for a week. That's how eating disorders develop. That's also a good way to fuck up your body.

I don't like scrolling Pinterest and seeing people promote unhealthy options. You might lose some weight in the beginning, but once you start eating again you'll gain it back and then some. And trust me, you'll either start eating again or you will die.

I'm sorry if this is melodramatic. But let's have a discussion in the comments, especially if you disagree.

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