Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Sweater Wishlist 2016

Ho ho ho! Why does that always sound rude? Anywho, I was on Amazon and I saw the cutest Christmas sweater last week. I included it in my last post, the Christmas decor wishlist, but I'm adding it today too. It prompted me to look at more Christmas sweaters. I normally don't even like sweaters, but these are too cute! I wanted to make a wishlist of cute Christmas sweaters.

1 2 3
I think the "sup" one is funny and cute, which is great. Olaf is the absolute cutest! And I love the "merry fuckin Christmas" one 😂 Yes, all three of these are mens sweaters. No, I don't care!

1 2 3
That Santa one is so cute!! And the "naughty or nice" one is perfect for me ;) My favorite is the Santa one, but this Santa outfit one is cute too!

1 2 3
Yes!! I think Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite movies of all time, and even though these aren't *technically* Christmas sweaters, they are way too cute to pass up. The second one *does* have more of a Christmas sweater design to it. And this snow globe one is so cute!

1 2 3
Finally these three, the snowflake isn't so much a sweater, but it's still really cute. The penguin one is adorable but I know Amanda would steal it! She loves penguins. And the one that prompted my search in the first place, Jolly as fuck ✌🏼

Gah! How come I suddenly have this desire to go on a spree on Amazon and buy all of these? I normally hate looking at clothes! And the closes to a Christmas sweater I own is...well literally nothing! This is so out of character, but I love all of these sweaters. I'll have to see if I can snag one.

Do you have any Christmas sweaters? Would you ever wear one that said "jolly as fuck" or "merry fuckin Christmas"? Let's chat in the comments!


  1. You need to update, lady :)

    Corinne x

    1. Haha yes, yes I do. I'm working on it now. Got two posts scheduled :) Thanks for the kick in the pants!