Thursday, December 1, 2016

My iPhone Apps

Ah cellphones, virtually everyone has one. And most people, especially my age, have a smart phone. I’ve already posted about my iPhone in my review earlier this year. I’ve been using iPhones since I was 18, with only a few short gaps. I’ve tried Android, even higher end ones, and wasn’t a fan. Over the years, I’ve found some favorite iPhone apps and I wanted to talk about the ones I have on my phone.
I have all of my apps in folders, except three. My bottom row is a folder, mail, Safari, and Facebook. It used to be Twitter but I use Facebook more now. These are the apps I use on a regular basis and want easy access to. You'll notice all of my folders are named "." That's because I don't want names obscuring my wallpaper anymore than the folders already do.
5SOS lyrics as a wallpaper ✌🏼
My main folder, on my bottom bar, has my most important apps. It has music, first and foremost, then calendar, photos, notes, settings, reminders, app store, messages, and phone on the first page.
Then the second page has Google maps (because Apple maps is terrible), my StraightTalk account, Great Lakes for my student loan, SoundHound, Relax, and Skylight. Most of those are straightforward. StraightTalk is my service provider; I can see how much data I’ve used, when my plan is up, etc. Great Lakes is the place I can make payments on my student loan and see how much is left owed. It’s a lot. Relax is an app that plays ambient noise and you can customize the sound a bit, for nights I don’t want to listen to music. SoundHound is how I look up a song that’s playing. I know Siri can do it, but I can save my searches and go back to them on SoundHound. And Skylight is my bank, so it’s my banking app.
The first folder on my main home screen is the second most used apps. These aren’t exactly in a specific order, for the most part. I have Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Messenger, Tumblr, Snapchat, Whisper, Timehop and YouTube on the first page. These are the social apps I use most often, aside from Facebook. It’s easy having them right there.
The second page is Credit Karma, MyFitnessPal, Ipsy, Birchbox, Sephora, a bookmark to my site, Sims FreePlay, Pokémon Go, and iBooks. Credit Karma is a credit-tracking app; I like having easy access to that. My fitness pal is self-explanatory and I don’t use it as much as I should. Ipsy, Birchbox and Sephora are all subscriptions I have. Having a bookmark to your own site is a good idea because it’s easy access on your home screen. Then Sims and Pokémon Go are the two games I play the most. And iBooks is self-explanatory and I use it all the time because I love to read.
The third page is Crowdfire, Netflix, Reddit, Wix, CT Lottery, and a visiting hours bookmark. Crowdfire is the app I use to schedule Instagram posts sometimes, and how I track followers/unfollowers on Twitter and Instagram. Netflix is self-explanatory but not often used. Reddit is rarely used and might be deleted soon. Wix is for my other site, I don't use it much and don't advertise it. I'm still in the process of tweaking it and deciding what I plan to do with it. CT Lottery is just a stupid bookmark because of wishful thinking, even though I don’t even play. I do have a plan if I ever won though! And the visiting hours are for my brother. Long story.
The second folder has Wish, Google Drive, Women’s Health Magazine, Google, Walmart, Amazon, PS Touch, Hulu and A Novel Idea. Wish is a knock off site where I sometimes buy things; and Walmart and Amazon are self-explanatory. I have a Prime account, so I use Amazon quite a bit. Google Drive is mostly for access to my book and a few other things. Women’s Health is the magazine subscription. I pay for the digital version annually. Google might be deleted because I never use the app. PS Touch is one of my favorite apps ever! It’s Photoshop, with a ton of the features, on your phone! Hulu is used way more than Netflix, but it's in this folder because I want it on the first page. It's not used enough to bump any of my social apps from the other folder. And A Novel Idea is a way to organize your stuff when you’re writing a book. It’s great if you’re writing a series because it keeps things organized and links them together.
The second page has Apple Maps, remoteMouse, FreeForm, UNO, PE-Fotolr, Dunkin’, Skip-Bo, Spider, and a bookmark to Securus. I might delete Apple maps now that I can. remoteMouse turns your phone into a remote for your computer and I love it when I’m hooked to my TV. FreeForm, formerly ABCFamily, is how I watch those shows sometimes. UNO is the first app I ever paid for and I play it when I’m bored. PE-Fotolr is great for editing photos! Dunkin’ is my perks app, you can order online and you can pay with your phone. Starbucks can suck it! Skip-Bo is a card game that my mom played when I was a kid and I play it when I’m bored, same with Spider. And Securus is how I add money to my account to talk to my brother. Still a long story.
The third page has Solitaire, Sudoku, Zillow, NBC, Groupon, cPro Craigslist, Pottery, Affiliate Area bookmark, and Word Flow. Solitaire and Sudoku are just games I play, and not very often. Zillow is an app and website where you can search for houses for sale and for rent. NBC is for the TV network, and I might delete it because I can watch those shows on Hulu. Groupon is self-explanatory. Craigslist is self-explanatory too. Pottery is another game where you build, decorate and “sell” pottery. The affiliate area is pretty self-explanatory, too. Word Flow is a fun app that lets me have a pretty keyboard and use swipe on my iPhone, which is unavailable on the regular keyboard. It also has gifs and things.
The last folder on my main homescreen has Etsy, Tense Tool, Wonderoom, Lightroom, Canva, Coyn, WeatherNow, Kindle and Multiple. Etsy is rarely used until I decide what I’m doing with it. Tense Tool is an app that helps you stay in the same tense when writing. Wonderoom, Lightroom (the official Adobe app), Multiple, and Canva are all photo editing apps. I have a lot of different ways to edit my photos and designs. Coyn is a budgeting app that I haven’t actually used yet. WeatherNow is just a weather app, I don’t even remember downloading it. And Kindle is self-explanatory, I use it for the books I get from Amazon instead of Apple.
The second page has Uber, Akinator Free, KiddNation and Xfinity TV. I’ve never used Uber but I have the app in case I need to. Akinator is a cool guessing game that gets it right almost every time. KiddNation is for the Kidd Kraddick morning show. And the Xfinity TV app is how I watch OnDemand stuff on my phone.
The only folder on my second page is for things I rarely, if ever, use that either can’t be deleted, or I need the app for certain things. I have Voice Memos, Find iPhone, Calculator, Camera, Videos, Weather, Clock, Health, and News.  I use Voice Memos occasionally so I keep the app. Find iPhone will be helpful if I ever lose my phone. Calculator, I need the app in order for the button on my control center to work; same for Camera and clock. I have a few videos, but not many. Weather is needed so I can keep the notification bar widget. Health is good because I have my medical alert information available when the phone is locked. That way if I’m unconscious first responders can see what health concerns I have, what medications I take and what doses, my emergency contacts and how they’re related to me, and my blood type and weight/height. It also has my age/birthday and the fact that I’m an organ donor.
That’s a lot of apps! I think I’ll come back and talk more in depth about my favorite ones, but I’ve seen a lot of people wondering about what apps people have. I have a capacity of 121.69 GB and I still have 88.92 GB left with all of those apps, 454 photos, 14 videos and 2 songs actually downloaded to my phone. If you’re in the market for an iPhone I strongly urge you to get a lot of memory. I never thought I’d use this much, but here we are.

Do you have an iPhone? Do you use any of these apps? Let’s chat!


  1. I find it so weird when people use folders, I just can't do it!

    Corinne x

    1. I'm the opposite lol. But I mostly use folders to keep things organized and so I can easily see my wallpaper. I don't see the point of a cute wallpaper if you've got loads of apps covering it lol