Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ah, Mother Nature

As I'm writing this there is snow dropping from the sky. Thick white flakes accumulating into a mushy mess on the roads and walkways. When I leave work in a few hours I will have to clean my sisters car off. Again. It's Sunday the 12th. Yesterday was quite lovely, I had a pedicure after work and the roads were fairly clear to drive on. But damn am I sick of seeing this white shit.

It started Thursday. I woke up and it was already snowing. We had by 8am probably about 2-3 inches of snow on the ground. It only got worse from there. By the end of the night when it finally stopped snowing we had accumulated 14 inches of snow, approximately. I'm going based on the number for Norwich even though I don't live in Norwich. My town wasn't listed, but I live fairly close so I use that, and it looks pretty damn accurate to me.

These were taken from my back door to see how much the wall in our yard was covered.

Friday we had to wait for our landlord to clear his own driveway so he could come to our house and clear ours. Amanda tried shoveling but she has a bad shoulder and frankly it was just heavy. It's not easy hand shoveling over a foot of snow; and our driveway is pretty big. We ended up getting to work at 1:45. Thankfully our managers are both very accommodating. But we got more snow Friday night.

Saturday morning when I woke up the snow had stopped. But I had about 2-3 inches to clear off the car in order to leave. The highway was pretty good, but the back roads were horrendous. They were terrible Friday too. But there was no snow Saturday! My friend asked for a reprieve for her birthday and it was granted. I'm thankful for that one day with no snow because it's been a blizzard, then more snow, then more snow today and we're looking at more snow later in the week.

Then Sunday I got to work late and when I got there at 10am it had just started snowing. It's now 12:30 and it's been snowing large flakes for two hours. I can't see the accumulation, but I'm a bit worried that it will be much worse than yesterday. I've spoken before about a bad car accident I was in, almost eight years ago. I've also spoken about my resulting PTSD from that accident. I don't like driving in anything but perfect conditions. Amanda sent me this video of what it looked like at our house along with this picture.

I'm not surprised that we're being slammed with snow and that we're looking at more Wednesday and Thursday this week. Not only do I live in New England, but this has been a trend I've noticed for the last several years. The beginning of winter will be nice, high 50s even 70s. Then February rolls around and we get slammed with a ton of snow. I can think of three February's that we had blizzards including this year. That's just off the top of my head. Don't get me wrong, the snow is beautiful and I love how it looks when it's freshly fallen. But driving or walking in it sucks.

Do you like snow? Do you get a lot of snow where you live? Let's chat in the comments!


  1. Hi there! You sound like you've had quite a time of it! My goodness! We've not had much here.
    I like the appearance of snow but about 5 years ago, I slipped in the snow and broke one wrist and really sprained the other one and only missed knocking myself out because I happened to be wearing a large backpack that stopped my head smacking hard on the pavement as I slipped backwards. Ever since then, I have dreaded snow, so scared of it happening again!!

    1. Oh no! That would be frightening! I love how snow looks on the grass and trees, it can be really beautiful. I just don't like driving or walking in it! And clearing it is a massive pain!