Sunday, February 19, 2017

Meeting Little Mix!

I just realized I didn't have a post for Thursday! I'm sorry, y'all! I didn't even have anything written up! So, that said, I'm going to post a (bonus?) post today! I was able to meet my favorite girl-band (again) on Friday and I'd like to talk about it and show some pictures.

I met Little Mix before, back in 2013. It was the same thing, a CD signing. We weren't allowed to take any posed photos and it was kind of awkward. Another thing is that I was so flustered because the line was moving really fast. I took Bug with me both times, and last time she spoke to the girls and was really happy to compliment Leigh Anne on her afro. I choked and didn't say anything to the girls.

Last time we had to have tickets to the concert. Little Mix was opening for Demi Lovato and if you bought their CD you could get it signed by them. I had already bought the CD on iTunes but wanted to meet them and get it signed so I bought two more copies. This year they did a short (about 10 minutes) performance of four songs and then the signing. They were opening for Ariana Grande later that night. We didn't go to the concert because I didn't get tickets in time.

We waited for about an hour and a half because we got there about 45 minutes before they were supposed to start, but they started 45 minutes late. Bug was right up at the stage and she was able to get high fives from a few of the girls, including her favorite. I let her use my phone to record a video, but we were kind of behind them so the video isn't great. I did get a couple photos of them. I only have one photo from last time because I lost my data from my old phone. And the photo I have is not the greatest.

Here are some pictures from the event:


I'm happy that I got to meet them again and see them perform. I really hope they do a headlining tour in the US soon. I actually talked to them this time, which is a plus, lol. Overall it was a really fun day, and we ended it by going to Chili's for dinner. I walked a lot and went way over my step goal which is also pretty awesome. Maybe next time I meet them I can get a picture with them!

Have you ever met a celebrity? Was it a meet and greet/signing or did you bump into them on the street? Let's chat in the comments!

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