Tuesday, October 24, 2017

I Lost My Full Time Job

Jesus. I can't seem to win these days. A little over a year and a half ago I started working a second job. Until then, I was working at a spa/hotel with only 16 hours a week guaranteed. I had been picking up a few extra shifts here and there, but the extra shifts were becoming fewer and further in between. I couldn't (and still can't) survive on such few hours at my state minimum wage. Since then I did receive a pay raise of 20¢ but that brings me to $10.30 an hour...for 16 hours a week. It's not ideal. I secured a temporary position with the company my sister, the one I live with, works at. I had to change positions because of her promotion but then I got my own promotion in June, with an official start date in July. And now I no longer have that job. So, what happened?

Until I got my promotion to the merchandising position, I was a temporary employee. I didn't blog about the promotion, because I've been slacking far too much on this blog. That's a story for another day, though. While at the temporary position, I frequently checked the new job listings within the company to see if there was anything that I would qualify for. Most of the jobs were warehouse jobs, and I am not physically capable of such a taxing job. I finally applied for an opening that I thought was a really great fit for me. I interviewed, they loved me, and I got the job. My official start date was my birthday, July 10.

I trained with the woman who was leaving the position and taking over for a woman who was retiring. She was great, very open and welcoming and never made me feel like a burden. When I started, it was a little rocky. Having just started, there was so much to learn, but the people who should have been teaching me were busy with their own work. The woman who trained me initially had many all day meetings that she had to take part in, and often overstayed her schedule. She had a lot of her own work, and didn't really have the time to teach me new things. So, they kept giving me small projects that I didn't have to learn much to do, or things that I already knew how to do.

It was really slow. There were days when I didn't know what to do with myself, and it felt awkward. But I loved the job when I was working. When I had a project, it was great. I love working independently, especially when I'm not taking phone calls. I haven't taken an inbound call, except wrong numbers and calls directly to me, in over a year. It's fucking fantastic.

Unfortunately, the company had to eliminate my position. Just when I was settling in to the new role, and thought I was finally safe, poof. There goes my job. They had me sign paperwork stating I wouldn't go into details, and I've never disclosed the company I work for. That information has never been public, to my knowledge. But still, suffice it to say, I'm feeling pretty sol right now. I went from making a pretty good income, but having budgeting issues, to making next to nothing and still having budgeting issues.

As for right now, my plan is multifaceted. I'm still without a car of my own. That problem was the main reason I took a temporary job in the first place. I can't rely on public transportation, and Uber or a cab is far too expensive. I qualify for unemployment, and that mixed with my previous savings should get me a car by the end of the year. The plan has always been to get a cheap one off Craigslist or Facebook anyway.

Until I have a car, I'm not able to look as much as I'd like for a job. It has to be something on the bus line. I live in a decently sized city, but our public transport system is severely lacking. I'm just very thankful I didn't leave my part time job either when I first took the temporary position, or when I became "permanent." I'm also very thankful to be living with family and that I have few bills.

Here's hoping I can get a car quickly so I can get back into a job.

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