About Me

Hi y'all! My name is Kaitlynn (Marie) Baker and I’m 25 years old. I have been overweight my entire life, and have decided it’s time for a change. This blog is going to a diary of sorts, so I can share my experiences and you can join me on my journey. I hope to be able to offer helpful tips, recipes and workout tips eventually and any other helpful things I learn on my journey.

You can read about the beginning of my journey here. My recent diagnosis here. And my first appointment with a bariatric surgeon here.

I live in Southeastern Connecticut, and have for my entire life (excluding two years where I lived in Brooklyn, Connecticut). I have no kids, yet, but I do have a furbaby, Lucy. She's my love, and I couldn't imagine life without her. You'll see and hear about her often, I assure you.
Cutest kitty in the world, Lucy
Isn't she cute?
I live with my sister and her two kids, a boy (16) and a girl (14). I've lived with them for most of their lives, and if we weren't in the same house we were very close. My nephew, the 16 year old, has Asperger's. This sometimes makes life difficult, but we're learning to manage and help him live the best life he can.

Over the last 13 years, I've lost at least one family member or close friend every year, excluding 2014. It started when my uncle passed away from cancer in August 2003, then my brother was killed in a motorcycle accident six months later in January 2004. I was in seventh grade and devastated. Since then I've lost my maternal grandmother (2010), my paternal step-grandmother (2009), a close friend to suicide (also 2009), and worst of all my father (2013). The losses have all left a deep mark, but they've taught me to be strong and push forward.

I love music. So much so that I have a tattoo of a treble clef with a heart in the center on my right inner wrist. My only other tattoo (so far) also relates to music because it is song lyrics from The Fault In Our Stars by Troye Sivan. It's based on the book (now a movie) by John Green and the video (linked) is amazing. It was released in 2013, just a few months before my father passed. Even before he passed, when I heard the song it immediately resonated with me. The lyrics "don't give it up just yet, stay grand for one more minute" were what originally caught my attention. I knew my father was dying, and I didn't want him to give up. Now, the lyrics I connect with most, and the ones I chose to tattoo permanently on my body, are the opening lines "You lost a part of your existence in the war against yourself." My father had been ill for two years when he passed away, and it hasn't gotten any easier. That was my first tattoo, done on Black Friday 2013, just two months after my dad passed away.

I haven't had the opportunity to travel much. I grew up on the higher end of poor, but still poor. Life hasn't changed much financially for me and travel isn't cheap. Not to mention having to take time away from work. I did go on a trip in February 2015 to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It was pretty cool, and I have a video on my YouTube channel here showing the places we went and our trip there and back. I hope to travel more in the (near) future, and plan to move out of Connecticut.

My first steps are going to be to get my health in order. People get upset when I say I'm working on becoming "healthy" and they assume I mean I want to be super thin. This is untrue. I don't care what size jeans I end up wearing, as long as my body and mind are healthy. The goal of this blog is to document my struggles, and my achievements, as I journey to health (and happiness). And I hope to be able to help others reach their health goals along the way.

You can contact me via email at kaitlynn@kaitlynnmarie.com.